Be You Be Free hangs with The Wholefoodie Co.

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Be You Be Free hangs with Ally Foster, health food extraordinaire and owner of The Wholefoodie Co.

I was so happy to discover that Coogee had opened its first health shop The WholeFoodie Co and I could not wait to get down there and check it out. My excitement quadrupled as soon as I walked through the door and entered a foodie haven.  At every corner there was an array of all my favourite foods; beautifully presented and calling out to be nourished right there and then!

I had to meet the inspiration behind this fabulous new shop and what a delight she is! Ally and I hit it off straight away with our love of Coogee, whole foods and green smoothies. We recently held our first joint Food as Medicine workshop for the Coogee community. 

Read on to find out more about Ally and The WholeFoodie Co!

How did your journey to the Wholefoodie Co begin?

As a child I developed an eating disorder, I thought eating an apple a day was healthy. Once I got better all I wanted to do was to help educate others on healthy ways of living and enjoying food.  I have such a passion for creating happiness through food and The Wholefoodie Co is just the start of it!

Why did you choose Coogee as your location?

I've lived in Coogee for a couple years and I always had to travel to get my health goodies. Coogee was definitely missing a little organic and wholefood shop.

What are your favourite places in Coogee?

I absolutely love the beach. Coogee Pavilion and Little Jack Horner are favourites too! 

Who or what inspires you?

My son inspires me; he motivates me to build a strong future for him.

What is your favourite recipe?

Definitely a hearty brekkie bowl!
Oats, acai, banana, protein powder and maca- blended with almond milk and topped with nuts, buckinis, fruit and cacao nibs

What are your top 5 nutrition tips?

Eat breakfast.
Have healthy treats now and then.
Cut back on the sugar.
Eat lots of veggies especially leafy greens.
Choose organic where possible – especially with your meat, fruit and veg.

Tell us something about you that might surprise others?

I'm actually South African. 

Best advice you have ever been given that you can pass onto the Be You Be Free crew?

Choose the life you want to live and then create it ;-)

What’s next for The Wholefoodie Co?

There is lots of exciting stuff on the horizon for The Wholefoodie Co.  Lots of new products, more Food as Medicine workshops and a brand new chill out seating area. We are all about welcome chilled environment!

It sure is Ally! Once you enter you certainly don’t want to leave. And they have AMAZING smoothies and treats too!

Don’t delay and check out The Wholefoodie Co today!

Where it’s at: 12 Bream St, Coogee NSW
Check out: the wholefoodie co

The next Be You Be Free and The Wholefoodie Co workshop

will be on Tuesday 22nd November.