Top Tips for a Healthy Summer

I absolutely love summer, it is my favourite season. Not only are the days longer and warmer but there are so many things you can do during the summer months to increase your health and wellness. Here are the Be You Be Free top ten tips for a healthy summer!


 We are lucky that we get to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Just one hour from Sydney you can bushwalk in the Royal National Park which is one of my favourite places in Australia. Grab your mates, pack some water, sun cream, towel and a picnic and head out in the bush. Bushwalking is not only a great low impact exercise that anyone can do, but it is even better for your soul. My favourite walk is the Palm Jungle Loop track which you can check out here.


 Swimming is a total body workout that uses all your muscles. It improves strength, builds endurance, and increases your cardiovascular fitness all at the same time. Most importantly, it is fun, refreshing, healing and free! My fave spot for a swim is the McIver lady’s baths but I also love jumping into the ocean post workout.  It is one of the best ways to start your day!


 I love picnics! What else can be better than relaxing by the beach with yummy food and a glass of vino as you watch the world go by? Pack some cheese, olives, chopped veggies, fresh fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, wine and a comfy blanket and you are all set! If you don’t fancy carrying any stuff, takeaway is also a good option. My go to places are Fujiyama for Sushi or grilled fish and veggies from A Fish Called Coogee.


 We live next to one of the most stunning Coastal walks in the whole World, I walk or run the Bondi Coastal walk at least once a week, it is a good option for an easy and free workout over the holidays and you are guaranteed to get your heart pumping climbing up the Gordon Bay steps!


I could not live without my Weber! I use my BBQ all year. It is so easy to grill some fresh fish and vegetables. Roast up a couple of sweet potatoes in coconut oil on a Sunday and use them as your complex carb source in your meals during week. 


It wouldn’t be summer without pool parties, bbqs and rooftop bars. You can still drink and be healthy. I opt for low alcohol and low calorie wine and vodka sodas. I also try stick to two alcoholic drinks and I drink sparkling mineral water with fresh mint in between. Try out this special Be You Be Free cocktail of white rum, coconut water, ice, fresh mint and strawberries! It is divine!


Paddle Boarding is my favourite water activity. Not only is it fun, but it works nearly every single muscle in your body. Paddle Boarding improves endurance, strength and balance and even reduces stress. You can hire Paddle Boards at Rose Bay.


It is important to drink water during cooler months but in summer it is even more crucial as your body dehydrates quickly with heat and sweat.  We need a minimum of 8-9 glasses of water a day and even more if you are exercising in the heat. Try keeping a water bottle with you always. I also like to chop up oranges, cucumbers, mint and strawberries and put them a pitcher in the fridge. Try it today!


Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and avoid being out in the sun between 12 and 4. Sunscreen doesn’t just protect you from burning but it also protects you against losing term permanent UV damage which can lead to skin cancer and wrinkly skin.


 Summer is the perfect time to grow a herb garden! Gardening is a great physical activity that helps you to connect with nature. It is also a fun hobby to take up if you are looking for some ideas!