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We have the right to feel good about ourselves no matter what shape and size we are. Our self-worth should not be based on the way we look, or what we weigh, and we shouldn’t have to feel this way. I am so passionate in helping women break free from the dieting cycle so we can spend our time on the things that matter to us the most and live our lives to the fullest. I help women build confidence and trust in their eating, make peace with food and their body, and create a fun, realistic and balanced approach to health and happiness in a supportive and comfortable environment.

My Story

Ever since my earliest teenage years I could always remember looking in the mirror wishing I was skinnier and more beautiful. “Why can’t I look like the other girls at school?”, I would think to myself. I was ashamed and embarrassed that I looked different and had an unusual name. I wanted to be blonde, tall and slim; but instead I was short, brunette and stocky. My older brothers would tease me calling me chunky monkey and my mum would warn me of the perils of getting fat. And so, it began; the self-loathing, the tears and the dieting.

As the years went by I had to restrict less and less to maintain my weight, and exercise even more to the point of injury and exhaustion. I became so obsessed by counting every bit of food that went in my mouth, I was afraid to eat out, afraid off going of plan, and afraid of eating anything that I did not know the exact calorie amount.I was then diagnosed with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression.

Soon the binging started. It was almost like I was possessed, something took over me and all I could think of was getting food and getting it fast. I was eating food whole, barely chewing, desperately trying to get it in until my stomach hurt, and I couldn’t eat anymore. Then the guilt and shame would start, and I would restrict even more, and exercise for several hours a day. Then it got a lot worse. I barely left the house, I wouldn’t go around friends’ houses for dinner and I wouldn’t go out. I would have anxiety attacks and would cry for hours. And then there were the really dark days that I prayed I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. Then I was nearly hospitlised. That was a turning point for me.  I knew I had to get better, I could not go on like this anymore, not for myself and not for my family. My ED was beating me, and I couldn’t let it beat me anymore. I threw myself into recovery and learnt everything I could about health and well-being. I learnt about self-care, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, connection, emotional well-being, food as medicine, positive psychology and intuitive eating. I slowly put these steps in place and began to recover. Don’t get me wrong- it was a long and hard journey and I fell down many times. But I got back up and each day got a little brighter and soon the dark days started fading away. When I recovered, all I wanted to do was help others who might be going through what I went through, or even better, prevent them from going through it.  That’s why I created Be You Be Free, and I now help all women join me in a life of health and happiness that has nothing to do with weight, shape or size so we can all live our lives the way we are meant to. Through my intuitive eating coaching program, I can help get you there.


Thank you Be You Be Free and Shreen. I have been on diets and trying to exercise for years without any real and lasting success. This is the first time ever where I feel I am not punishing myself. I have learned so much about myself and my body since I have been with Be You Be Free; and I have trained my body and my head to be in a more positive place. I even found it fun along the way! I can’t wait for my next session and I’m telling all my friends about this wonderful health and well-being program.

Rosemarie Carey - Sydney

Wellness Coach in Coogee


Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach that helps us tune back into the signals of our body, break free from dieting and food rules, and heals our relationship with food and our body.

We are all born as intuitive eaters. As babies, we ate when we were hungry- and would stop once we were full. It is only as we grow up we learn mixed messages about food- seeing certain foods as good or bad- or even foods being used for reward/punishment- learning about diets, calories and macros, that we lose our ability to eat in tune with what our body wants and need

Becoming an intuitive eater is about re-learning to eat the way that we were born with. It is about getting in touch with our physical and emotional needs, hunger/fullness signals and eating foods for pleasure, satisfaction and nourishment It is about listening to our body and respecting it. Becoming an intuitive eater takes time and practice. For me, intuitive eating means that I can eat a couple of squares of chocolate without eating the whole packet, eating what I really want to eat when I go out for dinner, and being able to enjoy a cocktail with friends without the guilt.

Intuitive eating enables us to let go of rules, restrictions, food fears and phobias. It allows us to be free and to live and enjoy our lives as we are meant to.

The program  is a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential partnership. You are in the drivers seat the and you only choose the things that work for you, and that you feel comfortable week. It is a 12 week program that be done over the phone, in person, or online. It will support you to:

·       Create a healthy relationship with food and your body, tuning in to what it wants and needs

·       Learn the 12 areas of health and wellbeing, as well as practical and fun tips to achieve health and happiness

·       Be free from diets, food fears, worries, binge eating and emotional eating

·       Change the way you think about food, and to eat foods for nourishment, pleasure and satisfaction.

·       Let go of black and white thinking and have a flexible approach to eating

·       Learn to respond to your inner body cues of hunger and fullness as well any emotional needs

·       Build confidence in yourself and your eating

·       Learn about basic nutritional science and the healing benefits of food for nourishment

·       Create a balanced, fun and practical approach to your  eating that suits you- ultimately becoming the expert of your own body

If you’re ready to take the first step towards food freedom and body peace, then CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WEEK ON THE NOURISH ME PROGRAM

You can contact me on 0433 915 423, or click here to send me a message or book your first  session.