Be You Be Free health & Well-being workshops and retreats in Sydney

My name is Shreen El Masry; and I’m a Body Positive, Health at Every Size Personal Trainer, Coach, and Health and Well-being specialist. I run health and well-being Workshops and retreats in Sydney .I I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Wellness from RMIT University and I’m also the Wellness Specialist for UNSW, where I run a number of Wellness Workshops each year. 

1. Well-being Workshops

The Wellness Workshops are a key component of the Be You Be Free Corporate Wellness Program. They can be run as stand-alone workshops, or to complement your existing Corporate Wellness Program. Or they can be run as part of a team building day, or employee motivation and engagement exercise.

The Wellness Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and its employees; and some of the topics covered during the Workshops include those listed below.

  • How to achieve a good work-life balance: including tips to build happiness and fulfilment in all the areas of your life.

  • Food is medicine: including information about the foods that nourish, heal and energise the body, as well as eating tips and recipes.

  • Mind-body wellness: including meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques.

  • Fun with movement and play: including how to have fun with exercise and movement.

  • Wellness and lifestyle: including how to create a balanced lifestyle that incorporate all the areas of wellness.

  • Goal setting and vision boards: including successful strategies for achieving these goals.

  • Happiness and positive psychology: including ways to stay positive during difficult and stressful times.

  • Emotional wellness: including how to manage emotions at work and at home.

12-week Wellness Program

I have also developed a 12-week Wellness Program that can provide your employees with a complete overview in all the aspects of Health and Wellness; and how they can live a balanced, happy and healthy life. This program would form the basis of your Corporate Wellness Program, and can be run from your offices, or at a location suitable for you.

The program can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and its employees; and you can select from a range of topics, or nominate your own topics to meet particular needs within your business. Some of the topics to be covered each week include: happiness and Positive Psychology; emotional wellness; fun with movement; and building and creating a work-life balance.

As part of the 12-week program, I can also offer one-on-one Wellness Coaching for each employee; or I can run group Wellness Coaching sessions.

To meet with me to discuss the facilitation of this Program within your organisation, please phone me on 0433 915 423 or email me at




An innovative and fun approach to health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Shreen helps you to see your journey holistically.

I have also used be you be free for team building workshops resulting in positive and empowering results for my team not just for their professional lives but personal also. Highly recommend...i love that she has a point of difference to other PTs

- Louise Browne - Director - only about Children Rose Bay


Q: What will you take away from today?
A: The importance of looking after all aspects of your life eg. nutrition and sleep in maintaining good mental health.

Q: What was your favourite part of training? Why?
A: Talk on wellness. It was touching.

Q: What will you take away from today:
A: an enhanced understanding of wellness.

Q: What will you take from today:
A: a greater understanding of wellness, how important it and some techniques to remain mindful.

Q: What was your favourite part?
A: the breathing exercise!

- Students of UNSW


If you would like to find out more about my Corporate Wellness Programs,, you can phone me on 0433 915 423